This web page will be your source for information on the upcoming contract negotiations.
Local Lodge 971 P&W Contract Negotiation Team has been meeting at the start of January. They are currently reviewing the contract for language changes as well as changes to the benefits and wages.
There will be a questionnaire handed out to the membership in the next month so the members have input on what is negotiated.
This page will keep the membership informed as negotiations progress.
The Union will be meeting with the company in mid December for open negotiations.

April 12th, 2023

The Union Contract Negotiation Team has been working on changes to the language of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and wages and benefits.

To assure the most important issues of the membership is addressed a questionnaire has been created. The questionnaire is being handed out by the shop stewards to our membership (union members only). Fill them out and return them to your shop steward as soon as possible.

The team will meet again this month and the results will be tabulated published by next month.

This is your contract so make sure you complete a questionnaire. There is room on the second page for written comments. If you are a union member and did not receive a questionnaire contact your shop steward.

May 19, 2023

The questionnaires have been tabulated and the negotiation team is working to address the outcome in the contract proposal. Listed below are the top five issues the membership deems most important

1. General wage increase

2. Improved health care coverage

3. Improved retirement plans

4. Improved job security

5. Improved sick / personal time off benefits

91% of the membership answered they would strike over retirement plans elimination.

60% of the membership answered that management is not practicing proper business ethics.

June 16th

The Union Negotiation Team completed the review of the existing CBA. We are now reviewing existing health care benefits and other options. We will be starting on the economics portion which includes wages.

June 30th.

District 166 Business Representatives met earlier to propose an early start date for negotiations to capture an alternative health care plan along with a possible raise for 2023. The Union Negotiation Team met and went over the offer and found that it would be in the best interest to the membership to accept the early negotiation date of September 11th 2023. Updates will be posted here with progress and a date for the first strike vote date and place.

IAMAW Local 971

1st Strike Vote

For Pratt & Whitney Union Members Only

·      August 18, P&W Presentation Center (Across From



·      Union Members Only!

Polls Open 6:30am Until 7:00pm

What is the 1st Strike Vote?

The vote is a vote of confidence for the Union Negotiation Team to negotiate with the company to bring back to the membership a fair and equable contract or be willing to go on strike. A 2nd vote will take place On September at a Contract Ratification Meeting where union members will vote to accept or reject the contract and to Yes or No to go on strike.

It is important to vote to show Union strength before entering negotiations.

July 21st

The negotiation team went over the promotion process and is working on new language to simplify and clarify  the process.

August 14th
Message From The Negotiation Team:

Rumors are not conducive to negotiations. Rumors only divide the membership which favors the company. Allegations of Negotiation Team members close to retirement directing the majority of the proposals to enrich their retirement are unfounded. There are only two members out of nine that will reach retirement during the next three years.

No one person makes any decisions on the Negotiation Team. The Union President chairs the meetings to keep them on tract. All members have input and all members have a vote on all decisions.

The Negotiation Team members were voted on to represent the membership by the membership. They represent all areas of our campus. Members were encouraged to attend the monthly union meetings where negotiations were discussed. The Negotiation Team spent time and effort to distribute and collect surveys so each member had input. To say the membership has not been heard is incorrect. To this the Negotiation Team has decided to not hold a special meeting.

The Negotiation Team has cost of living analysis of Palm Beach, Martin & St. Lucie counties. The team also has copies of union contracts across the country including P&W IAM Connecticut’s contract. The top item on the surveys was wages. The team is working on proposals that have wage increases to combat the high cost of living in our area as well as helping retain current workers as well as hiring new workers. The Negotiation Team cannot give out details of the Union’s proposals. In doing so the Union would be showing the Company their hand before meeting at the table.

All details will be presented and discussed to all members at the Ratification vote. At the end of the day all members will have the final say by voting to accept or reject the contract or to strike at the Ratification Vote.

The first step is for all members to get involved and participate at the August 18th First Strike Vote which is being held for the first time on campus. If you want to get more involved attend monthly meetings and run for Shop Steward or Office. Currently the Recording Secretary’s position has been open for months with no one willing to step up. 



 August 18th

Thanks to all our brothers and sisters that participated in our 1st strike vote today. The results are in:
477 out of 485 vote yes to strike.
The Union Negotiation Team will be moving forward to bring a just and acceptable contract for our members.

September 1

We have secured a place to hold the Ratification Vote. The Vote will take place on Saturday, September 23 at William T. Dwyer High School, 13601 N Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens. Doors open at 8:30am.

Our Business Representative from our District joined the negotiation team to review the progress. We are meeting our goals for opening day on September 12.

Language to plug the loop holes that have been exploited by management in the GTF MRO area have been completed. Language on pay raises, promotions are completed. Health care, pensions and other benefits are being addressed.


September 12th

The Union & the Company met today to open contract negotiations. Each department gave a state of the business presentation. The Florida Site is meeting and or exceeding corporate expectations. The Union was critical of the management in the GTF MRO Department. The Union & the Company will meet tomorrow at 9:00am where the Union will present our proposals on non-economic Contract language.


September 13

Today the union presented our non-economic proposals to the company. There was lengthy discussions on each proposal to make sure the company understood the reason for each proposal.

In the afternoon the company presented their non-economic proposal. The company will counter the union's proposals at tomorrow morning's session.


September 14

The company countered the union's non economic proposals in the morning and the union countered this afternoon. The was language movement in Job Evaluation Procedures, Hurricane language and the Grievance Procedures.


September 15

A majority of the non-economics language is completed including improvements to Recall Rights, Temporary Assignments, and Job Posting. Next Monday the company will have representatives that will give presentations on Retirement and Health benefits.


The Ratification Vote will be Saturday, Sept. 23rd At William T. Dwyer High School, 13601 N Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens. Doors open at 8:30am.

Members will sign in followed by a presentation of the negotiated changes to the Union collective bargaining agreement around 9:30am. Question and answer session will follow. Once the questions are answered voting will follow. Polls will close by 12:00.


September 18

The company had representatives give presentation on health insurance and pension benefit. The company also countered the union's language change on Alternative Work Week. In the afternoon the Union passed the wage progressive pay to the company.


September 19

This morning session the Union passed our economic package which included Sick Personal, Birth / Adoption and Parental Leave, Bereavement leave, Overtime language for those on military leave, Retirement benefits, Life / Accidental Death & Dismemberment / Weekly Disability and Total & Permanent Disability, Severance pay. The company passed a partial economic package.


September 20

This morning the rubber is meeting the road. The company and the union are close on an acceptable heath care benefit. Wages proposals were traded back and fourth. Pension proposals are also being worked.


September 21

The Union and the Company work up to midnight on the remaining issues of our contract. A tentative agreement has been achieved and the proposal will be brought forward to the membership for a ratification vote this Saturday, September 23rd. Again the vote will be held at William T. Dwyer High School, 13601 N Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens. Doors open at 8:30am.


September 23

The membership has spoken. The contract ratification vote was held this morning and the vote count was completed at 12:50pm. 368 vote yes to strike, 79 voted no.

We will stay on the current contract until the end of January, 2024. The company has no interest with meeting with the union until January at this time. Left on the table was 14.5% average pay increases, improved health care, hurricane pay, $1,500 ratification bonus with 50% match if deposited into savings, $100.00 increase multiplier to the defined pension and extending it out to the end of 2026, and increase to the savings plan.

Thanks for those who say the importance to come out and vote.


October 10

There was a meeting called by Business Representative Ed Grabowski and Directing Business Representative Kevin Demeco with the Union Shop Stewards and Shop Committee members to discuss a plan going forward. It has been decided a new survey of the membership is needed. The contract Negotiation Team has since put together an updated survey that will be presented to the membership with in the next two weeks. The information collected will be used to make a counter proposal to the company. The company at this time is not willing to meet until January of next year. This could change has time goes on.

Also it was decided to show the company that the membership is united and strong. The local will purchase Union solidarity shirts to be worn by all the members at work on a soon to be determine day of each week.

Stay tune for updated information.


November 13th

The negotiation team met and went over the resent member surveys. Thanks to all who participated. The survey is an avenue for the membership to inform the negotiation team the items that they feel most meets their needs. Attached is a detail of the survey results. The negotiation team is now in the process of editing the proposal based on the survey results. We will post the next meeting date with the company once we get one.


November 30th

By now all P&W members should have their solidarity shirts. Contact you Shop Steward if you have not. We will all wear the shirts every Thursday.

The Union will be meeting with the company in two upcoming sessions. December 13 and 14 the CBA language changes will be negotiated. On January 23rd the Union will negotiate the economics portion of the CBA (money). There will be updates at the monthly union meetings.  


December 15th

The Union Negotiation Team has completed the non-economic issues with the company. The following gains were made:

·         Setting time limits on the Oral Step in the grievance procedure to be heard within five days and the shop steward will be notified before the end of the shift.

·         Promotions in the Machine Operators Occupational Group 001 will be made within the department.

·         Paycheck Distribution debut grievances will bypass oral and 1st steps and go directly to 2nd step.  

·         Added Painters to the Occupational Groups.

The union also passed the Transfer of Ongoing Production / Non-production Work letter that is in the Connecticut contract. The company has not made a decision at this time and will review it and give their counter at January’s session.

The company also rejected bringing back motor vehicle mechanics.

The Union will be meeting again with the company on January 25th through 29th to negotiate an economics package. The IAM Grand Lodge will have two Aerospace Coordinators at the table who have experience in aerospace union contracts across the nation and in cost of living economics.

The Union will be making the following proposals for Economics:

·         Increased vacation time.

·         Stop the elimination of the defined pension.

Pay increases:

·         Immediate $2.00

·         40 hours extra vacation not impacting perfect attendance (NSW)

·         6%, 5%, 4.5% across the board raises.

If you have any questions seek out the Shop Committeeman in your area. Updates will also be discussed at the local lodge meetings.

The Union is planning on holding the Contract Ratification on January 31st. Time and place has not yet been determined. Members will be excused with pay to attend. An outline of the proposal will be available ahead of time on the local union’s website. The vote to accept or reject the contract will be held after the presentation. There will not be a 2nd strike vote. Per the IAM Constitution if the contract is rejected the original strike vote from September holds and the local will be on strike and will not return to work.

The company will be posting emails. The union has no involvement with these postings.

January 22, 2024

We now have solid dates for the upcoming negotiations.

January 24 & 25: The Union meets with Union Aerospace Coordinators to complete our economic proposals.


January 26 thru 29: The Union will meet with the company for final economic negotiations.

ASAP after the conclusion the Union will distribute the final proposal to the membership to review.


February 4: Ratification vote will be held at William T. Dwyer High School, 13601 N Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens. Doors open at 8:30am.

Members will sign in followed by a presentation of the negotiated changes to the Union collective bargaining agreement. Question and answer session will follow. Once the questions are answered voting will follow. Polls will close by 12:00.

Details of the daily negotiations with the will be posted here at the end of each day.


January 26, 2024



Today the Union Negotiation team accompanied with 5 representatives from the Grand Lodge met with the company to change proposals for the economic portion of our CBA. The following was passed by the company and countered by the Union:

More vacation time

Retirement Benefits

Medical Insurance

Savings Plan

The union also passed a wage increase package.

Negotiations will continued tomorrow, Saturday. A detail description will be posted when negotiations are completed for the membership to review before the Ratification Vote.


January 27, 2024

The union met with the company again today to close the gap on proposals. At the end of the day general wage increases and retirement benefits are left to negotiate. The Union and the company will meet again tomorrow.


January 28, 2024

Negotiations continued today and will extend into tomorrow. We will post here when we come to a final proposal.


January 29, 2024

Negotiations have concluded. The company has passed their last best and final offer. The Union will be working on a detailed presentation tomorrow to upload here for the membership.

Starting Wednesday Union Negotiation Team Members will be visiting all areas to explain and answer any question on the final proposal.


January 30, 2024

The company and the Union negotiation committee have finished negotiations and completed a last, best, and final offer. Please review the summery below. The negotiation committee will be going to all areas to answer questions Wednesday and Thursday. Friday a conference room will be reserved to allow for any additional questions.

Company LBF Summary

Company LBF

Negotiated Contract Language Changes


Feb. 1,2024

The Union Negotiation Team has been working their way through the shops to explain the company's last, best and final proposal. We will be completing these sessions tomorrow. There will be Union representatives in the Presentation Center across from the cafeteria tomorrow from 7:00am to midnight.

Some of our members have asked for more detail on the heath care plan. You can access the SPD here.

Some members have asked if they don't vote it's counted as a YES vote. This is incorrect. If you don't show up to vote your decision will not be counted.

We need all members to show up and vote.

The Ratification Vote

 William T. Dwyer High School, 13601 N Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens


 Sunday Feb. 4th.

  • Doors open at 8:30am - 9:30am.

  • 9:30 - 11:00 Presentation followed by question / answer session

  • We recommend you stay for the presentation if you do not fully understand the proposal.

  • The polls close at 12:00 noon.

  • The votes will be counted immediately after.

Show Up and Vote! It's Your Job!


Feb. 4, 2024

We have a new contract! The membership has spoken. After a large turnout the vote count was a majority Yes.

Our thanks go out to the following from our IAM Headquarters. With their help we were able to bring this contract forward to the membership.

Aerospace Department:

Tony Wirth

Robert Barnwell

Denise Heath

William Sullivan

Strategic Resources:

Gwendolyn Camp

District 166:

Directing Business Director Kevin Demeco

Business Director Ed Grabowski

Thanks goes out to the Local 971 Negotiation Team:

John Gall

 Tim Coverstone

Jeff Spaw

Kriss Rubenstein

Reinaldo Gonzalez

Jermaine Phillip

Chris Fowler

Mike Goodwin

Sean Rowell

And a final thanks to all the members that took the time to come out and vote!






Retired IAM Aerospace Coordinator Mark Blodin stopped by to inspire the Negotiation Team and review their work.